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won't you please, not come back
we'll ever be apart

(blackmail - aerial view/7/everyone safe)

- cut -
5.4.06 13:25

His career also upholds my long-held belief (despite having worked 30 years in education) that - if you can do it - the best way to learn is to teach yourself. Courses are for those who don't possess the ability or drive to make their own way. Occasionally they can provide a short-cut to learning simple skills and they give motivation to those who lack it. Fortunately formal qualifications are only required for the more routine and trivial of photographic jobs, and for photojournalism it is what you have down on photographic paper that is important.

27.2.06 12:54

Manchmal, wenn ich von nem Auftrag heim komme, denk ich mir "Mann, hoffentlich hast du den nicht verbockt", dann seh ich mir die Bilder an und denk mir "Ouch, wenn das noch mal gut geht", und wenn ich dann fertig bin, schau ich mir die fertigen Bilder an und sag: "Mann, wie hast du das blo? wieder hingekriegt".
11.1.06 00:52

You know the faces, you know the places,
You know places where the faces fit

You always wanted, to never say it,
and now you wonder, well is this it?

I'm always screaming, dreaming
Strange without you, without you

You know the numbers, you dream in slumber,
You've got the faces and the photographs

You always want it, but never say it,
and now you wonder, well what do I have?

I'm always screaming, dreaming
strange without, without you

without you
strange without you
strange without you
without you
without you

strange without you
strange without you
strange without you
strange without you

without you
5.1.06 16:40

my girlfriend recently showed me an article in a magazine. the question was why men can't just snuggle without having sex afterwards. the answer was flat as one could expect, reducing men to a primitive creature, that is only able to think with his cock. but what women still don't get (and probably never will) is that they are always provoking us, trying to get us men hot—and when we finally get hot they're disappointed and think, "why the hell must it always be about sex?". wake up girls! it's you, not us! we can snuggle without sex, we sometimes want, no we sometimes need to snuggle without sex. yet i'm honest—of course not all the time.
11.10.05 21:24

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